The Mast and Tower Safety (MATS) Group consists of organisations that own or manage masts and towers (including monopoles, gantries, satellite dishes and roof tops) or any other structure where there are specific and significant work at height and occupational radio frequency (RF) hazards.  You can see details of organisations that are members of the MATS Group on the Contact page.


The content of this website is intended specifically for contractors and suppliers to MATS Group members.  It does not deal with public concerns about communications infrastructure or the safety of RF emissions.  The aim of the Group is to provide and share information and guidance on:


  • Safe working at height related to the infrastructure that the member companies own.
  • Occupational RF issues associated with broadcast and communications antennas and equipment.


The Group publishes a number of documents, currently Guidance Notes and Safety Bulletins, intended to assist contractors and suppliers achieve safe working practices and to deal with industry-specific hazards.  These can be found on the Publications page.


The information on this site does not absolve contractors or suppliers from their responsibility to identify and comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and legal standards nor does it take precedence over laws, regulations and external standards.


The terms of use for this site can be found here.  If you use this site you are deemed to have accepted these terms.

Promoting working at height
and radio frequency safety