Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue Scheme Update

As we approach the end of 2019 here is an update regarding the Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue scheme. EUSR have carried out a number of approval visits of training providers and overall this appears to have flowed quite smoothly.  One area where we have noted common issues is around the formal IQA qualification required to achieve scheme approval. Consequently, we have applied logic and are providing a temporary addendum.

The temporary addendum will be offered where you have evidenced that you meet all of the other requirements for both Provider and Scheme approval, but do not have a qualified IQA in place.  Signing the temporary addendum will allow you to gain approval for the scheme for a period of 6 months whilst your appointed IQA trainee is registered for, and successfully gains the formal IQA qualification.

It will be a big step forward for the industry when we can say that all persons accessing our infrastructures have all attended an approved course and have an assured process to ensure standards are maintained. So far, we have around 18 applications either completed or being progressed. EUSR has commented on how helpful and professional our industry training providers have been during this project so thank you for your support.

You can find out more about the scheme at the EUSR Website.