MATS Basic Tower Climber and Rescue Course – EUSR Update

Please note that some climbers will have been issued with EUSR registration cards that have a 14 month period stated on them. This was created to offer climbers a grace period from which if you missed the course expiry date, you would not be deleted from the EUSR database for 2 months. This has resulted in the misconception that the expiry period is actually 14 months. This was never the intention and we are putting steps in place with EUSR to resolve this going forward.

In the interim period, please note that you are expected to renew your certificate within the 12 month period. You may experience difficulties with gaining access to sites if you are relying upon the database entry showing 14 months. This will apply to cards issued before the 1.9.20.  From the 1st September 2020, the EUSR processes will have been adjusted to reflect the above and all cards will state a 12 month period.

For anyone with an EUSR registration for the Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue scheme’ please note that we have introduced a 12 month ‘away from industry’ period where you will still be able to apply for a revalidation course as long as your certification expired within the previous 12 month period. You will not be able to climb after the certificate has expired until you successfully pass the mentioned revalidation MATS course .