Roof Worker Syllabus – Consultation

MATS have now completed the first stage of the process for creating a Roof Worker Syllabus. 

We believe it reflects the present working practices and situations that will be faced by those persons authorised to access our infrastructure.  We have considered a number of the existing training providers course syllabus’ and had lengthy discussions with a number of interested parties across the industry.

This stage of the consultation opens up the wider discussion on the proposed syllabus, from all interested parties to secure the best solution and allows full consultation in respect to the industry wide challenges we face going forward.

Proposed Syllabus

Proposed Specification

The Ask

Please reply to: by Friday May 21st – 2021

Please ensure your comment is directed to a particular unit on the ‘Response’ document and is structured as to why you feel any change is required and what you would propose the change looks like.

I have included some points of principle as well on the response document.  These points have already been raised and your feedback on these would also be appreciated.